01 Talent with Both Ability and Integrity
HNA Group has always focused on the "internationalization" strategy, energetically attracting and gathering talents from all over the world , optimizing talents introduction and reserve mechanism, launching a comprehensive international talent introduction project, and to, and constantly exploring and attracting the potential global intellectual resources through the deepened strategic cooperation with the world's top colleges and universities, top headhunting companies, and well-known overseas organizations to provide strong support for the globalization layout and internationalization employer brand image of HNA Group.

Global talent recruitment

Establish cooperative relationship with international top-tier universities and colleges, vigorously develop overseas recruitment channels, design an international talent program (ITP) and set up scholarships in ten universities (e.g., Renmin University of China).

Talent selection and appointment system

Actively employ reserve talents, set up a talent pool and establish a talent recommendation system; raise talent quality; establish a long-term mechanism of talent selection.

International talent cultivation

Discuss with international top-tier universities and colleges about HNA’s overseas seminars of CEO and director teams in 2017.

Talent retention

Implement “4E” principles to retain talents: Engagement, Enrichment, Earnings and Environment.

HNA Group Global Talent Recruitment Program(ITP)

HNA Group has launched the ITP global talent recruitment program in an all-round way, having held more than 40 tour speeches in nearly 40 global TOP100 colleges and universities in 18 cities of 8 countries like United States, Britain, Singapore, Australia and other countries in 4 continents for accumulated more than 5,000 audiences and having collecting nearly 10,000 copies of resumes.?The ITP global talents come from the world's TOP100 and American TOP50 top colleges and universities, including 511 persons with master degree or above, accounting for 80%, and 126 persons with undergraduate education, accounting for 20%, with 53 persons form Ivy League, 64 persons from UK G5 colleges/universities, 62 from Beijing University and Tsinghua University, accounting for 28%, and 17 foreign talents from Britain, America, Australia and other countries, with a solid educational background, outstanding quality and ability, extensive international vision and rich cross-cultural collaboration experience, who will become a solid reserve for the international strategy of HNA Group.

Attaching importance to the construction of moral education

HNA Group has been attaching great importance to improve the moral qualities of its employees, and has standardized the two connotative meaning of the behavior of employees ”Behaving and Working" into ten specific instructions; Presided over by Mr. Nan Huaijin, a master in the field of Ancient Chinese Civilization Search, the "HNA Ten Instructions for Mutual Encouragement of Colleagues" has been set up as the basic principles for governing the behavior of employees. In 2014, on the basis of inheriting HNA’s spirit and corporate culture, the Value Criteria and Behavior norms for Management Cadres of HNA Group was formulated, which has become an important yardstick for evaluating the behaviors and performance of the management cadres of HNA Group.

Value Criteria and Behavior norms for Management Cadres of HNA Group



Loyalty : To be loyal to the motherland, to be loyal to the enterprise and to be loyal to one’s duty

Justice : To know the law and abide by them, advocate virtue, justice and equity

Integrity : Don’t be greedy for fame and gain, use the talents only, and be diligent and thrifty

Honesty : To keep faith, value reputation and keep secret

Responsibility : To pay attention to the interests of the whole, pursue excellence, and have the courage to bear one’s responsibilities

Pragmatism : To be realistic and pragmatic for efficient implementation and pursuit of performance

Innovation : To promote reform and continuously learn and never slack

Collaboration : To pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, coordinate businesses and unite colleagues

02 Assistance in Staff Growth
HNA Group comprehensively strengthens the staff training, improves the mechanism for training and selection of talents and cadres, sets up innovative employee training mode, builds the employee occupation development platform, improves the incentive mechanism, establishes the president’s fund for the reward given to the teams and individuals who have made outstanding achievements for the development of HNA Group, increases the efforts for long-term incentives, special incentives and employee recognition to help achieve the common development of employees and enterprises.

New employee

Training: corporate culture, administration measures, human resource policies and safety education; graduating students: provided with “business tutor + HR tutor”.

Jeunes talents

Support growth and encourage business startup: “Perfect Intern Program” and “Youth Venture Program”; emphasize elite training: “Bud Program”, “HTP Program” and “High-potential Program”.

Professional and international talents

Tailored training: covering business skills, international reserve talents and international management; designated partner of mature talents: provide jobs in the preliminary stage and offer supports in the life.

Middle and senior management cadres

Develop cadre reading activities and CEO/president training classes to improve employees’ management skills and comprehensive quality.

Creation of the trump “flying Legion”

At the same time when HNA Group's affiliated Hainan Airlines has been developing rapidly, importance was attached to the training of pilots and thus a complete pilot training system with characteristics of Hainan Airlines has been built, and a trump "flying Legion" has been created. At present, Hainan Airlines has nearly 2000 pilots, laying a solid foundation for the safety of continuous flight.

03 Building a Happy HNA
HNA Group pays close attention to the thinking of the employees, organizing colorful sports activities, attaching great importance to the employees in financial or material difficulties and female employees so as to warm up and unite the HNA family.

Safeguarding the rights and interests of employees

Pay social insurance premiums and housing funds to achieve full coverage of social insurances; strictly abide by national regulations related to working hours, statutory holidays and paid annual leaves (13 days per capita).

Caring for the employees’families

To hold the activities of caring for children on Children's Day and open the college entrance examination advisory course before and after the college entrance examination.

Attention to employees’ demands

Mr. Chen Feng, the president of HNA Group sets his mailbox at the intranet of HNA and will reply to each letter. Each forum is based on a real name system, which stipulates that the important questions from the employees shall be replied by the supervisor by his/her real name without delay.

Caring for women employees

To conduct double cancer screening for breast and uterine cancer before and after women's Day; To strictly implement the state policy on female employees during pregnancy; To set up a baby room and a lactation room for lactation women employees.

Setting up an employee care station

Establish an employee care station to help employees to adapt to their positions and solve the problems in their lives; make electronic birthday card with blessing from the chairman and provide subsidies and child grants out of concern from the board.

Ensuring employee health

In addition to the ordinary social security, HNA Group provides its employees with supplementary medical insurance such as commercial insurance.

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