01 Green ? Management
As an active advocate, leader, provider and pioneer of ecological civilization construction, HNA Group bases on the advanced management concepts to build a green HNA, establishing and improving the environmental management system, carrying out the work of energy-saving and emission reduction in aviation, airports, hotels, logistics and other industries, adhering to the development of ecological civilization, and low-carbon energy saving to guide domestic aviation development to steer to a service-oriented, safe and green mode and actively respond to climate change.

Green Life Promoter

Promote environmental protection concepts and raise employees’ environmental awareness; carry out propaganda of green concepts and advocate living a green life.

Green Life Leader

Build green industries and seek green partners; set up green supply chains and lead social funds.

Green Life Provider

Carry out a green reform of products and services, provide feasibility plans and experience and develop a green service mode.

Green Life Pioneer

Make every endeavor to develop energy-efficient and environment-friendly technologies and integrate green development concept and enterprise operation and management.

02 Green ? Practice
HNA Group actively practices the concept of green management, takes green actions, explores possible solutions of green aviation, green airport and green hotel, and develops a more sustainable business model, thus forging a path to the green dream.

Green ? Aviation

Hainan Airlines, Green Air Travel

Green ? Hotel

Energy-saving Hotel, Low-carbon Travel

Green ? Airport

Meilan Airport, Green Construction

03 Green ? Life
Advocate green life, promote green operation and create low-carbon life; carry out green environmental protection activities and push forward ecological civilization construction to make contribution to building a beautiful China; insist on green office; adhere to the concept of green operation, conduct fine management, strictly implement the energy conservation and emission reduction program, raise employees’ environmental awareness and implement green concept in each link.

Conserve water and electricity

Switch the central A/C system to the small-load operation mode when appropriate and adjust the operation of the fans in each area as the environment temperature changes; reduce the use of incandescent lamps and increase the use of energy-saving lamps.

Standardize requisition of office supplies

HNA Group has established a set of review and approval procedures for requisition of office supplies based upon its management demands, which standardizes the requisition of office supplies from the aspects of requisition time and per-capita requisition standard so as to improve utilization of office supplies.

Adjust the replacement mode of printing supplies

Adjust the replacement mode of printing supplies to maximize the use efficiency of printing supplies and reduce waste; make every endeavor to reuse old toner cartridges to further reduce the use of printing supplies and realize environmentally friendly printing.

Improve paper utilization

HNA’s green office management system is established to improve utilization of common paper supplies from the perspective of system management strategy, efficiently and comprehensive realize the goal of energy saving and achieve green office by standardizing the work procedure.


Hainan Airlines Green tour in the air

1、Introducing new models of aircrafts

Eliminate a batch of old aircraft with low fuel inefficiency, and introduce the world's most advanced B787 Dreamliner that can increase the fuel efficiency by about 1%, and achieving annual savings of 15 thousand tons of fuel


2、Reducing aircraft weight

Reduce the weight from the entertainment system by using safety instructions made of PP plastic material, renovating the 737-800 aircraft with light kitchen, using lightweight? dining cart, transforming the 787 carbon brake, using new life-saving boats and lightweight container technology and other new technologies for aircraft " weight reduction"

The electronic flight bag (EFB) system has been put into use, and the weight of each aircraft is reduced by 17 kilograms


3、Upgrading engine

Conduct research and development of engine water-washing equipment, improving the fuel efficiency by about 0.5%

Upgrade engine HPT blades, increasing the fuel efficiency by about 0.4%

Additionally equipped the 737NG aircraft with winglets made of carbon fiber composite material that can reduce the induced drag of single aircraft, achieving an annual fuel saving by about 350 tons , reducing 6.5% of the noise in the landing stage


4、Making use of bio-fuel

In March 2015, bio-fuels were first used for passenger commercial flight, which could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50%-80%


5、Deeply optimizing air routes

The route is straightened and thus the Beijing-Manchuria route becomes the first domestic air route of Chinese civil aviation which flies over the territorial airspace of other countries

The optimized new air routes will save the operation cost by CNY700,000 and reduce the oil consumption by about 1 million tons


6、Promoting new technology? for flight procedure

Establish and operate the PBN flight procedure to improve the operating efficiency of the airport and reduce the energy consumption of the aircrafts


HNA Hotel Group’s measures for green management

1、Green decoration

The self-managed hotel has been decorated with environment-friendly materials that meet the criteria for living at the time of the decoration


2、Green room

Implement non-smoking standard rooms, use paper packaging and introduce clean drinking water, and regularly clean the pipes in the rooms


3、Acceptable emission

Ensure that the wastewater, fumes, exhaust gas, noise and other emission reach an acceptable level


4、Garbage management

Conduct classification management of garbage and recycling treatment of waste battery, with the garbage rooms equipped with frozen room to effectively reduce the odor of kitchen waste


5、Phosphorus-free washing

Conduct washing work uniformly in the laundry room with phosphorus-free detergents; Set up a reclaimed water treatment system to reduce to discharge of wastewater


6、Energy saving transformation

Introduce advanced energy-saving technologies and equipment; Conduct comprehensive inspections, preventive maintenance and preventive repair


Meilan Airport Green construction

1、Setting up a green management mechanism

Take the energy utilization ratio as the core, establish a scientific management system as a means, taking the way of efficient utilization of resources and minimizing environmental impact so as to achieve the total volume reduction of major pollutants


2、Assisting green flight

Put into use of ground power supply equipment, ground power vehicle and bridge-carrying power supply (GPU) instead of on-board auxiliary power unit (APU) of aircraft, significant reducing the fuel consumption and reducing the carbon emissions of aircraft


3、Advocating the energy saving of passengers

Provide the luggage protective cover with energy saving and environmental protection marks for passengers' luggage, and add a sign of recycling marker on the book and magazine in the VIP room

The disposable knife and fork for the VIP room is replaced with a more high quality knife and fork package


4、Reclaimed water reuse project

The wastewater and rainwater treated by the wastewater treatment plant are reclaimed and treated, and used for greening, flushing the ground and landscape water system to realize the recycling of water resources


5、Implementing baggage-free check-in

Encourage baggage-free check-in, promote mobile-phone check-in and other means that are convenient for the service formalities

In case of a passenger with baggage, the formalities for check-in may be settled at the airport self-service boarding baggage counter by showing the boarding pass


6、Transforming the electric facilities

Total 23 sets of PBB 400Hz power supply have been reformed, reducing the emissions of hydrocarbon , carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other waste by about 11 thousand tons each year, which at the same time can reduce the noise pollution from the auxiliary engine APU and other devices and alleviate the pressure from energy crisis every year


HNA Group’s green life

In 2016, HNA Group participated in the "Earth Hour" activity for the sixth consecutive year. The Group and its affiliated units also responded to the earth's one hour light-out activity, and turned off the unnecessary lights and power in the period of 20:30-21:30 on March 19, 2016. Through the enterprise's own strength, the Group affects the people around it to practice the low-carbon life.


Xiaoer Car Renting creating a new energy vehicle operation ecosystem

The Xiaoer Car Renting platform affiliated to HNA Group bases on Hainan as a starting point to build the country's largest operating ecological system of "Internet+ pure electric vehicle + charging pile”, which has operated more than 1200 periodic-leasing vehicles, with more than 200 sites throughout the airports, train stations, universities, business districts and tourism areas in Hainan.

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